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What is a Financial Accounting Assignment?

Financial accounting includes three major aspects that include recording, classifying, and summarizing financial transactions.

The financial transactions are recorded in the journal entries with particular accounts such as cash, accounts receivable, inventory, equipment, etc.

All these transactions are recorded in the journal entry with a debit or credit entry. The journal entries have a close relationship with each other.

These journal entries are transferred from one account to another account till the end of the year.

This process is known as trial balance which gives assurance that all debits are equal to credits.

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Financial Accountants work with a range of tasks including:

  • Assessing risk and ensuring compliance with regulations and procedures
  • Preparing balance sheet accounts from trial balances
  • Preparing monthly profit/loss statements from trial balances
  • Preparation of annual budgets and monthly forecasts
  • Maintaining fixed assets registers
  • Preparing bank reconciliations
  • Actively involved in the month-end close process including preparing journal entries, account reconciliations, accruals/prepayments, etc.
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Types of Accounting


Financial Accounting

Financial accounting includes a focus on providing accounting reports and analysis to other areas of the business. Financial accountants prepare information about the company’s financial status for management, help ensure that all regulatory requirements are met, and work to provide timely and accurate information for decision-making. As a financial accountant, your goal is to provide valuable and accurate information and help your company meet its reporting requirements. A financial accountant may have a role in analyzing both the expenses and revenues generated by a particular department within the business.

Public Accounting

Public accountants are employed by private accounting firms or government agencies. In these positions, public accountants are responsible for keeping track of the financial records of businesses and organizations. Public accountants usually specialize in one area, such as auditing, management, or tax preparation. Audit accountants review companies' financial statements to ensure that they are accurate, while tax accountants prepare income tax returns for both individuals and businesses. Management accountants keep track of business budgets and finances for companies and corporations.

Tax Accounting

Tax accountants help individuals and businesses prepare their tax returns by using their expertise to take advantage of tax laws that can reduce their clients' tax liabilities. They may also advise clients on ways to minimize future taxes through different business decisions or investments. Tax accountants may work for individuals or businesses as employees or act as independent consultants. Tax accountants may also work for government agencies that enforce tax laws. Tax accountants also help individuals find ways to have a bigger part of their income go straight into their pockets to get more successful finances.


Management Accounting

A management accountant focuses on providing information to the management team so they can make good business decisions. These accountants track income and costs, create financial reports, and manage budgets. In this role, the accountant maintains budgets, prepares financial statements, and forecasts future earnings for the company. As a management accountant, you will be viewing your firm from more of a managerial perspective. You will be an advisor to the senior management team and will be responsible for analyzing data that informs their business decisions. You'll come up with conclusions based on both the numbers and trends and advise senior management accordingly. In short, the job of a management accountant is to answer questions for the management team. Ideally, these questions will be about what's going on in the company now, and what needs to happen in the future. In addition, you'll produce financial information such as budgets, and cost accounting reports.

Governmental Accounting

Governmental accountants work for local, state, or federal governments while helping those governments bring in more tax revenue and keep track of expenditures. As a governmental accountant, you might work for a local, state, or federal government. In all cases, you will help your government bring in more tax revenue and keep track of expenditures. You might also help the government by auditing private businesses and individuals to ensure that they are paying their fair share of taxes. Governmental accountants usually work for provincial, state or federal governments. They are at the forefront of managing government finances and helping not-for-profit organizations to become more accountable. Governmental accountants assist in balancing the interests of taxpayers and the value of their money. They also work with budget planners to achieve the best outcomes of spending within an allotted budget. Some also track governmental expenditures as well.

Forensic Accounting

Forensic accountants are sometimes referred to as forensic auditors or investigative auditors. They are qualified CPAs who have extensive knowledge of accounting, auditing, and financial systems, but they also have the investigative skills necessary for conducting interviews, taking sworn statements, and analyzing data from a variety of sources. Forensic accountants work in private practice or for accounting firms, but they also work for government agencies and law enforcement organizations. They may also work for businesses that want to improve their internal controls to prevent fraud or theft from occurring in the first place. In many cases, forensic accountants may be asked to look at existing records and reconstruct information about transactions that were hidden by those who committed fraud. In the process of uncovering these hidden transactions, forensic accountants will usually conduct interviews with individuals involved with the transactions to determine what happened and why.


Managerial Accounting

Managerial accounting is used to help managers make decisions that positively affect the company's operations. For example, managerial accountants will often help decide whether to produce goods internally or outsource production to another company. They'll also help figure out how many products should be produced each month to maximize profitability.


The following are examples of managerial accounting calculations or reports:

  • Production cost report to determine how much the company pays direct materials, direct labor, overhead, and other costs associated with making one unit of a product.
  • Budget report that shows the expected profit or loss in an upcoming period.
  • Customer profitability report that shows which customers are most profitable so the company can focus its efforts on those clients.


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What is the importance of Financial Accounting?


Financial accounting is the recording of companies' financial transactions, using standardized guidelines. Financial reports provide information on income and expenditures, assets and liabilities, and other business-related data.


The three main functions of financial accounting are:


Operations - Financial accounting produces past-oriented reports - for example for the previous month, quarter or year - comparing actual results to goals. The difference between actual results and goals is known as variance analysis.


Regulation - Financial accounting helps to comply with laws and regulations. For example, tax laws require that businesses produce accurate records of all receipts and expenditures.


Management decision-making - Financial statements data are used by managers within a business to help them make decisions about how to run the business efficiently. Managers can use historical data to analyze trends, identify problems or opportunities, and suggest alternate courses of action. Without some form of this information, it would be impossible to evaluate whether a manager is doing his/her job correctly or not.


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